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HiBy W5, a game-changing Bluetooth Hi-Fi amplifier with the highest sampling & bit rate brought by a self-developed UAT. Supports all major Bluetooth transmission formats. Crafted from a stainless steel IP67 certified housing, HiBy W5 is pushing Bluetooth Hi-Fi amplifier performance to the edge.

HiBy W5 - Unparalleled Bluetooth Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier

UAT | Sampling Frequency Up to 192kHz | Bluetooth 5.0 | LDAC | apt-X HD | 20 Hrs Playtime

HiBy W5, a game-changing Bluetooth Hi-Fi amplifier with the highest sampling & bit rate brought by a self-developed UAT.
Supports all major Bluetooth transmission formats. Crafted from a stainless steel IP67 certified housing,
W5 is pushing Bluetooth Hi-Fi amplifier performance to the edge.

“W5 gives you access to every Bluetooth codec, including the upcoming UAT with a super low compression at 1.2Mbps bit rate. Paired up using LDAC codec, the sound quality was so impressive that I almost forgot it was a wireless connection.”
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“With the highest ever BT sampling rate in a futuristic but quirky design. The small form factor and the design that thinks out of the box, it certainly contributes to the user experience."
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"The W5 is an engaging sounding Bluetooth amplifier that provides a tight bass expression, soothing vocals and lively treble. The HiBy W5 pushes the limit with the revolutionary UAT and it packs a lively sound."
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"After examining early sample of HiBy W5 very closely, we can conclude that it is the most advanced and, in fact, a revolutionary Bluetooth audio receiver. Apart from traditionally capable hardware, great design and solid user experience, HiBy has presented the world with their own vision of supreme Bluetooth audio quality. "
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Why HiBy W5 | Wireless High-end Audio

HiBy W5 features the game-changing UAT, an audio coding technology with up to 192kHz sampling frequency
or up to 1.2Mbps bit rate, it outperforms all the Hi-Fi Amplifiers on the planet.

The Most Powerful Audio Codec

HiBy W5 -The Most Powerful Bluetooth HiFi Amp for Audiophile

Wide Compatibility

HiBy W5 is capable of reproducing major Bluetooth transmission formats including UAT, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, SBC and AAC.

UAT is compatible with Android mobile phones, and Hi-Fi DAPs e.g. all HiBy players, Hidizs AP80, Cayin N8 and other HiBy OS devices.

Available Downloading

Download HiByMusic app on Google play or Apple store to operate the W5. Android users can enjoy the exclusive experience of UAT via the app. HiBy W5 is also compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. 

Futuristic Spaceship Design

Embracing new technology inside and outside. HiBy W5 hops in the futuristic spaceship design, symbolising the bold and innovative guiding philosophy of HiBy.

Aesthetic Appeal

A sleek look crafted from a stainless steel housing, adding a luxury metallic sense to its palm-sized and lightweight design. Comes with a pocket-clip, so W5 can easily slip into pockets and go with you anywhere, offering you the ultimate convenience of Hi-Fi music experience! 

Cutting-edge Chipset

The HiBy W5 is designed to maximize your audio experience. It embedded with the powerful ES9218P independent audio decoding chip, combined with the CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which is made for Hi-Res sound quality with total wireless freedom.

IP67 Waterproof

HiBy W5 is IP67 certified which is resistant to water and dust, it means you can dive deep to the audiophile world rain or shine.

Clearer Music and Voice

Integrated with 8th generation Clear Voice Capture algorithms, HiBy W5 guarantees you have a clear conversation by reducing the acoustic echo.

Hands-free Calling 

HiBy W5 features a built-in microphone. With a single click, you can switch between listening and phone answering.

Superb Battery Life

HiBy W5 is created for Hi-Fi music binge in a wireless setup. With its built-in battery plus the powerful battery case which can give W5 fully charges for at least five times, it offers up to 20-hour playtime.

* Playback time is tested with the AAC codec, the actual playback time may vary depending on the usage condition.

Easyflex Operation 

Simply connecting W5 with HiByMusic app, its remote control function allows you to review daily data rate, audio format and battery status. It also supports Voice control and EQ adjustment.

What is UAT | The Most Powerful Audio Codec

UAT is a new audio coding method based on DCT. First, it can quickly identify the type of signal and select the appropriate encoding mode through intelligent analysis. Then do quantization according to the specified bitrate. The trebles are preserved as much as possible in the process of quantization.

There is a dynamic transmission optimization can be performed for different genres and more bandwidth resources are allocated to some specific frequency bands to get more detail. 

Entropy coding is performed after the quantization and then pack the code and side information to one stream for transmission. In addition, UAT also has a noise level detector which can effectively remove the noise existing in the original audio, making the transmission more efficient. 

Different Scenarios | A Wow Experience

Hi-res music is for everyone, W5 is here to make Hi-Fi music more accessible. Pairing your phones with W5, quality music is within reach.

HiByMusic app and the Ultra Audio Transmission allows you to have the utmost listening experience without a cord.

Connect the W5 to your car's audio system via a 3.5mm audio cable, the Hi-Fi music will calm you down in traffic!

Connect the W5 to high-end wired speakers, you can now enjoy the superb music experience without breaking the bank.

Tech Info | Specification

BluetoothBluetooth Audio Chipset
Bluetooth Version BT5.0
Bluetooth RangeUp to 10 meters, 33 feets
Audio CodecsUAT/LDAC/apt-X/apt-X HD/
apt-X Low Latency/SBC/AAC
Simpling Frequencyup to 192kHz
Bit Rateup to 1.2Mbps
SNR118dB ( Measured)
THD+N-103dB (Measured on UAT Mode)
Output Power 80mW + 80mW@32Ω
Stereo Crosstalk 72dB
Drive Ability8-300Ω
One Device ControlKey OperationTouch; Vibration feedback
Status Indicator LightBlue, Red
Audio OutputLine-in 3.5mm Stereo Jack
Power Input5V/1A
BatteryBattery Type150mAh built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
Battery Case1000mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
Playtime ≥20 hours (including the battery case)
Standby  ≥100 hours
Charging Time≤ 1.5 hours 
MaterialBoby MaterialStainless steel & Plastic
ColorBlack; White
DimensionsWeight (HiBy W5)0.04lbs (19.5g)
Weight (Battery Case) 0.13lbs (57.1g)
Size (HiBy W5)2.4*0.83*0.7 inch(61.7mm*21mm*17.6mm
(including the back clip)
Size (Battery Case)2.7*1.5*1.5 inch(69.6mm*37.5mm*37.6mm)