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HiBy R5 Gen 2 Launch Event Roundup

HiBy's launch event on April 15, 2022 unveiled the brand-new HiBy R5 gen 2 hires digital audio player and the Lasya earphones. The event featured some highlights such as the concept of  “a Class-A act debuts” and much more as we will find out below.  Class A headphone amplifier Employing flagship grade class-A amplification in this mid-tier and...
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HiBy Music

Make Music More Musical


HiBy R8

“This is the most incredible unboxing experience ever. I feel it makes for an excellent TOTL player in this segment. Not only is the HiBy R8 an extremely versatile DAP, it also sounds great. The HiBy R8 does it all so effortless and it results in a technically nice, musical and natural delivery.” 

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HiBy R6 Pro

Score 9.2/10

“The new tonal tuning gives it a more powerful sound and more pleasing timbre than the original R6. That lowered output impedance makes it much easier for sensitive IEM matchups.It is still the fastest DAP in the market today and for the price one of the nicest looking DAP’s also with that beautiful screen. WiFi and BT are strong with no issues streaming, storing offline and integrating with Google Play services."

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HiBy R3

"The HiBy R3 may well be the unicorn of the MP3 player world. This cheap, Tidal-compatible and audiophile-friendly portable music player is a hit on Kickstarter"

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