HiBy Digital XOE - DLC Dynamic HiFi Earphones

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Color White
Configuration 3.5mm
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HiBy Digital was born out of HiBy, and HiBy has been focusing on research and development of Hi-Fi DAPs, and made great efforts to achieve high fidelity in every aspect of audio processing, so that every user can devote themselves to listening to their favorite music.
In daily life, we perhaps cannot use professional music players all the time, but smart phones, tablets or laptops are often accompanied by. Therefore, we have designed a portable, lightweight, and high-resolution dynamic earphone with diamond-like carbon diaphragm, for daily music listening.

Detailed Parameters

XOE 3.5mm
XOE Type-C
From HiBy

HiBy Digital

To leverage HiBy Music's extensive knowledge of Android and related software and hardware technologies, HiBy Music has launched the new sub-brand HiBy Digital, a lifestyle-oriented company catering to the newest generation of smart device users in general. HiBy Music will continue to serve medium to high-end seasoned audiophiles.To mark its founding, HiBy Digital has launched its first product--the HiBy Digital M300, which will set a new standard in the world of ultraportable Digital Audio Players.