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HiBy Thor

HiBy Thor

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Model HiBy Thor
Configuration Dynamic Driver+single BA in ear monitors
Weight 2.8g per earpiece
Dynamic driver Custom designed dynamic driver with neodymium magnet, 6mm titanium coated liquid silicone diaphragm
Balanced armature Custom designed 30095 balanced armature
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 105 ± 2db
Nominal impedance 17 Ω ± 5% @1kHz
THD ≤ 2%
Casing Stainless steel
Cabling 3*24*0.05mm Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, 3-conductor design, 0.05mm x 24 strands per conductor
Cable length 120cm
Cable port on earpieces 0.78mm 2pin connector for interchangeable cables
Cable plug 3.5mm gold-plated straight headphone jack plug

 What’s included

Carry bag, THOR, ear hook, eartip, product packaging, user guide and warranty card.

Audio Componentry

The best budget audiophile in-ear monitors

Dynamic+BA hybrid, Titanium-coated dynamic driver diaphragm, Custom-designed balanced armature, Professional acoustic tuning, Stainless steel casing, Interchangeable cables

BA+dynamic config that breaks

Custom-designed 30095 balanced armature--Custom-designed 6mm driver with neodymium magnet, titanium coated liquid silicone diaphragm.

Custom-designed 6mm driver with neodymium magnet, titanium coated liquid silicone diaphragm yields firm powerful mid-low frequencies for engaging vocals.

Custom-designed 30095 balanced armature yields sweet highs for expressing the full emotions of every musical instrument.

Acoustic tuning

Professional tuning team draws from their rich experience in previous earphone and DAP voicing, references the latest Harman curve and produces a unit that amazes right out of the box.

Stainless steel casing

High tensile stainless steel casing for enduring beauty; compact casing for comfortable wear that amazes equally in looks and tactile substance.

Hi-Res Audio certified

The Hi-Res Audio certification is a standard maintained by the Japan Audio Society and the Consumer Electronics Association, has been approved and longed after by countless audiophiles, and has become an authentication mark of audio quality in HiFi equipment. The Thor carries this logo.

Interchangeable cables

May be fitted with all manner and quality of single-ended and balanced headphone cables for seamless integration with all portable audio equipment.

Standard 0.78mm 2pin cable port

The industry standard for the widest selection of aftermarket cables.

Included cable

3.5mm single-ended cable made of high purity Ohno Continuous Cast Copper.

Well carried

Custom felt / suede carry bag rounds out the rich tactile texture of the product.

Reviews & Unboxing

The HiBy Thor is a pair of dynamic+BA hybrid in-ear monitors, with interchangeable cables for seamless integration with all portable audio equipment.

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