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The HiBy Lasya is a single-dynamic pair of In-Ear Monitors, emphasizing high quality tuning focussed on female vocal reproduction and high resolution.

Detailed Parameters

Born to sing

Ideal for female vocals, carbon nanotube diaphragms, CIEM-style driver housing, convective intake / exhaust acoustic design, multiple colour choices



"With technicalities to match its peers in the $200 space, it is refreshing that HiBy opted to take a swerve away from the complexities of a multiple-driver configuration. If there’s anything to be discerned before making the plunge is the soundstage which is both its greatest asset for vocals and a noteworthy constraint for anything else."

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@Ace Bee - Headphoneus Supremus

"Lasya focuses on musicality and brings out the happiness in the music rather than focusing on extreme technicalities. I mentioned ‘extreme’ because Lasya is indeed fairly technical. Hiby has pulled off a wondrous tuning and I will surely be looking out for the further single DD offerings from them. For the time being, Lasya is my go-to iem whenever I need to take a change from sheer technical sound or when I just need to relax."

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A single-dynamic pair of In-Ear Monitors

SE and balanced cables included, high purity OCC copper cable, Utilizing high quality, Pentaconn Ear connector, Hi-Res certified

Heavens open up to this voice from out of this world

With mid and high frequencies attuned to female vocals, voices becoming more emotional and vivid than ever; with outstanding resolution and unbeatable actualization. Just imagine a mythical goddess of song singing into your ears.

Carbon nanotube diaphragm dynamic driver

Carbon nanotubes of 10nm length arranged on a plane effectively perform as a rigid piston to all audio frequencies, banishing cone breakup and responding instantly to any input signal, to yield silky clear vocals and clean, fast bass. Internally wired with OCC copper wiring and gold-silver alloy solder in a cost-no-object approach to high-end signal reproduction.

CIEM-style housing

The result of big data processing of untold numbers of 3D scans of ear canals, conchas and other outer ear structures, optimizing wearing position against lengths of acoustic tubings and every curve and angle of the shell to arrive at the final UIEM shell design, yields a pair of IEMs that rival custom IEMs for comfort and form-fittingness, suitable for extended listening; the shell is further formed of high quality transparent epoxy resulting from several cycles of internal and external spray painting--solving the layering-banding problem of 3D printing to achieve ultimate beauty.

Professional acoustic chamber design

The convective intake and exhaust acoustic chamber design is fully integrated with the housing, effectively eliminating pressure differential and driver flex. It achieves the beautiful wear design of CIEM styles while obtaining the same acoustic utility as traditional utilitarian driver housings. Eliminating pressure differential and driver flex makes for freedom from channel imbalance upon tight fit and a clear sound and a soundfield that extends out of the head.

Multiple colour choices

Utilizing skin-friendly imported dyes, 3 colour schemes have been created. Your personal goddess of song comes in different dresses!

High purity OCC copper cables

Comes standard with both 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm balanced cables. High purity OCC copper ensures signal transmission with minimal loss.

Pentaconn Ear sockets

Utilizing high quality Pentaconn Ear sockets from Japan, both +ve and -ve pins are flexibly connected, ensuring long life of reliable operation under repeated connections, disconnections and rotations.

Hi-res audio certified

The Hi-Res Audio certification is a design standard drawn up by the Japan Audio Society in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Association, which has been affirmed by audiophiles worldwide to be a sought after certification for high quality audio products.

Physical noise isolation

In-ear sealed design better isolates the listener from outside noises, allowing you to be immersed in your own music world wherever you go.

Customized carrying case

The shock absorbing soft lining interior offers double protection against scratches, dents, bumps and drops.

Accessories galore

Includes: HiBy-designed hard carrying case, balanced, bassy, balanced silicone ear sleeves and memory foam ear sleeves in S,M and L sizes (12 sleeves in total)

Model HiBy Lasya
Type Single dynamic driver In-Ear Monitors
Weight 4.3 g
Size 10mm Carbon nanotubes Dynamic driver
Frequency Response 20Hz-40KHz
Sensitivity 108 ± 1dB/mW 
L&R Channel Balance Tolerance ≤ 2dB
Max Input Power 50 mW
Impedance 32 Ω ± 5%
THD ≤ 2%
Cable Material OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper:4*30*0.05mm
Cable Length 120cm
Terminations 3.5mm gold-plated, 4.4mm gold-plated

What’s in the box

Package box, eartips, 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm balanced cables, carrying case, Lasya earphones, user manual