HiBy R6 III Wins Gold at VGP 2023 Summer Awards.


Hibymusic has secured multiple awards at the VGP 2023 Summer Awards. Among those, the HiBy R6 III received Gold, while the HiBy RS8, HiBy RS6, HiBy RS2, and HiBy R5 II were recognized with the prize award.

The VGP awards are one of the most influential audio-visual awards in Asia, recognizing brands and products that bring innovative technology and excellent design to the industry. Hibymusic's five products stood out among its competitors, earning a spot as some of the most noteworthy products to pay attention to.
The HiBy R6 III, as one of Hibymusic's popular products, received the Gold Award as a testament to its quality and innovation. This portable digital audio player has a unique and highly customizable software and hardware platform that offers an unmatched audio experience. The HiBy RS8, HiBy RS6, HiBy RS2, and HiBy R5 II all offer exceptional quality and design features in their respective categories and have been noted for their achievements.
The awards are a significant recognition of Hibymusic's innovation and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the audio industry. Hibymusic has always been committed to developing high-quality and diverse audio products that meet the needs of music enthusiasts. The award-winning products offer a glimpse of what is possible in the world of audio and demonstrate the brand's commitment to advancing the field.

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