HiBy WiKi EP01 - HiBy R3 Basic Guide)

The first episode of the R3 will guide you get insider notes and tips about any special functions for all our HiBy products!

HiBy WiKi EP02 - HiBy R6 Basic Guide

The second overview of the R6 will lead you knowledge more about how to use HiBy R6 and surprise you more amazing features.

HiBy WiKi EP03 - R3 Advanced Guide

The advanced guidance of the R3 firmware will lead you step-by-step on how to update it for the HiBy R3!

HiBy WiKi EP04 - R6 Advanced Guide

The advanced guidance of the R6 teaches you step-by-step personalize several different functions.


This R3 advanced guide teaches you how to link the device with your mobile specifically!


The R6 advanced guide teaches you how to link the device with your mobile specifically!

HiBy WiKi EP07 - R3 & R6 File Transfer

A step-by-step guide to teach you how to transfer files between smart device/computer and R3 & R6 specifically!

HiBy WiKi EP08 - R3 & R6 Wireless

Shows you how to connect the R3 to both iPhones and Android devices to enjoy music wirelessly.   


Learn step-by-step how to connect and optimally use the various built-in outputs the R6 has. 

HiBy WiKi EP10 - R3 Wireless Part II

It's still wireless, but we're just adding another element to the mix to enhance your music experience.    

HiBy WiKi EP11 - R6 Force restart/double wipe

Need to restart or reset or R6 device? We show you how step-by-step in this episode to restart or factory reset your R6. 

HiBy WiKi EP12 - W5 User GUIDE 

HiBy W5, the first Bluetooth product from HiBy. This video is about user guides on HiBy W5. We hope it will help you know more about how to use HiBy W5 correctly.

HiBy WiKi EP13 - W3 Basic Guide

HiBy W3 is a wireless Bluetooth receiver headphones amplifier featuring AK4377 DAC+amp Chip and CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver. We're giving you an overview of the W3 and its basic guide from this video.

HiBy WiKi EP14 - HiBy Blue

HiBy Blue is an app to customize your HiBy Bluetooth products and bring the fun of music to every music enthusiast. You can remote control W3 and W5 via HiBy Blue app.

HiBy WiKi EP15 - R3/R3 PRO Custom theme

The R3/the R3 Pro is a pocket-friendly streaming player equipped with a feature--custom theme! In this HiBy WiKi episode, we are showing you how to use customize the theme on the R3/the R3 Pro.