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The Most Revolutionary IEM Flagship:

Tribrid IEM with 9 drivers per side
True 5-way crossover
5-way independent acoustic chambers and tubing
Spatial harmonic enhancement structure

Detailed Parameters

HiBy | Make Music More Musical
BHiBy ZETA 3-Hybrid 4-EST 5-Way Artistic lEM
Advantages of ZETA IEM earphones
Examine every music detai! Without restrictions
No queuing No dress code No crowds No ticket sharks
18 driver deluxe tribrid configuration
3rd generation Sonion electrostatic drivers, custom designed for HiBy
10mm ULF driver designed specifically for the HiBy Zeta
High performance HF balanced armature from Knowles
5-way electronic crossover
5-way independent tubing and chambers
Spatial harmonic enhancement structure
High strength titanium shell
High precision CNc procesS on titanium-stainless stee!
Ergonomic comfortable design for wear
tis important to ensure an airtight seal at the eartips (other venting notwithstanding to ensure a correct listening experence
introduction of Lapis Lazuli
8-core Litz fully balanced OCC copper cable
0.78mm two-pin cable socket
Photos of ZETA IMF earphones
Specifications of ZETA IEM earphones
Photos of ZETA iem earphones 2
What's included in ZETA iem earphones box
HiBy Zeta Early-bird special package
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