Hiby R6 III - Portable Music Player Hifi DAP

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HiBy Yvain

HiBy X FAudio Project Ace

HiBy Crystal6 II

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High-performance dual ES9038Q2M DAC
Plentiful Class A amplification power
4500mAh large battery
Pro audio crystal oscillators
665 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665
4+64GB storage
SRC Systemwide bit-perfect audio 

Detailed Parameters

Defy class boundaries Portable Digital Audio Player R6 IIIAdvantages of R6 III Portable Music PlayerHigh performancedual ES9058Q2M DACPlentifuI CIass A amplification powerFulI blast Benefit from all modes4500mAhlarge batteryPro audio crystaloscillatorsQualcommSnapdragon 6654 + 64GB storageSRC System wide bitperfect audio in Android 12Direct Transport ArchitectureHiByCaStMQA 16X3.5mm & 4.4mm headphone outsand line outsUSB digital audioinput / out put / co-axial digital out put /analog line outLarge and clear 5“ 720p display2.4GHz / 5G Hz dual band WiFiLower latency,faster connectionsPD2.0 fast charging
Audio performance of HiBy R6 III Portable Music Player
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