HiBy R6 PRO II review —— head-fi


HIBY R6 PRO II: Full review

Pros: -Well implemented dual amp setup
-Very optimized UI
-Native DSD 1024
-MQA 16X
-Audiophile Grade wireless audio
-Huge battery capacity
-Three gain options
-Open android 12 operating system
-1080x2160 screen resolution
-Very responsive hardware volumes
-Supports streaming apps like qobuz and tidal
-Great overall Tonality


First of all this is my first time to experience a mid tier DAP and also I am not famillar with the other features of the HIBY R6 Pro II but i will give my best to give it an honest feedbacks.

This unit that I currently have is supervised by hiby and I was chosen to be part of the Philippines tour of the HIBY R6 pro II, which gave me the opportunity to test this device thoroughly.

I didn't gain any form of incentives in this review, and all opinions are my own.

We all have different ways on how we hear sound so your millage may vary


HIBY R6 Pro II DAP Review: Features, Design, Pros & Cons 1

To keep it short here is the things that are included in the package.

  • Usb C to C cord
  • Instruction manual
  • Specialized Case for the Dap
  • Screen protector- ( Firm plastic type)
  • The Player itself

By the way this is just a recommendation, I wish that they included some adapter for the USB C to C cable since not all users may already have an adapter for that, but overall the packaging is well-rounded and everything you need to get started with the device is included

Build Quality and Design​

HIBY R6 Pro II DAP Review: Features, Design, Pros & Cons 2

The Hiby R6 PRO II has a solid and premium feel to it, with its aluminum body and sleek design. I like the wavy designs in the back also the carbon design it gives it an edgy and modern look. The buttons and ports are well-placed and easy to access. It has some color indications which i will explain later, and overall i like the design and the build of this player.

Features and Light indicator​

HIBY R6 Pro II DAP Review: Features, Design, Pros & Cons 3

This has native DsD support of 1024 and PCM upto 1536khz, if your a fan of MQA format the HIBY PRO R6 II can decode it upto 16x which is really helpful. This next feature is what I am suprised an amp in a DAP, and its my first time to experience an amp the type of amps used was Class A and Class AB. I personally love the Class A more compare to AB as it produces better sound quality, but both were impressive. This has some rgb functions and the purpose of it is to show you the music format you're currently playing. Since I already mentioned the rgb lightings, so here is the meaning of each color. This has bluetooth capabilities but unfortunately i can't test it due to not having any bluetooth devices. This also have an expansion sd card slot upto 2TB

  • Yellow Green- PCM ( Consists of: MP3,AAC,WAV, 24Bit/48khz)
  • Aquamarine- Hi-Res( 32bit,96khz,192khz,384khz)
  • White-DSD
  • Green-MQA
  • Blue-Standby mode
  • Red- charging mode


Ports and hardware buttons​

HIBY R6 Pro II DAP Review: Features, Design, Pros & Cons 4

This has 4 audio ports and a type-c port for charging and data transfer. In terms of the hardware buttons here is the list of the buttons.

  • Power button
  • Volume up and down buttons
  • Playback control buttons (play/pause, skip forward, skip back).

Now lets talk about the ports that i mentioned, so here is the following ports you can expect in the HIBY R6 PRO II

  • 4.4mm balanced line out
  • 4.4mm balance output
  • 3.5mm line out
  • 3.5mm power output
  • Type C with 10gpbs transfer rate and charging


UI interface​

HIBY R6 Pro II DAP Review: Features, Design, Pros & Cons 5

Its very snappy and clean and everything you need is already shown in the homescreen, If your famillar with slide gestures then it will be just a piece of cake. but if your use to the tradditional touch navigation buttons. adjustments will be needed to adapt to the gesture style navigation. In general the UI is very easy to understand and very responsive to gestures.

Operating System​

HIBY R6 Pro II DAP Review: Features, Design, Pros & Cons 6

The HIBY R6 PRO II runs on android 12 and there is no restrictions you can modify and install the apps you like. The only app you can't remove or disable is the hiby app itself including hiby cast server, file manager,and settings but the rest you can do what you want. In general the HIBY R6 PRO II has an operating system which has no restrictions and its free to modify software.


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