HiBy Music Participates in the 50th Midem

Faye Zhou

 The 50th midem was held in Cannes, France on June 3rd, 2016. HiBy Music was honored to be invited to this reputable music event again.

Midem is becoming increasingly diversified, inviting people from all disciples in the  music industry: copyright trade, innovation forums, business communication, and performance were all involved.

HiBy Music is a professional company that is highly connected with experts across the HiFi music industry. We work mainly in digital music service, especially for high resolution music (High definition, DSD). Both hardware manufacturing and software design service. Also, the "HiBy Music"app was published on Google Play and App Store. We have a group of specialties to provides our digital music service. With partnerships and users in 90 territories throughout the world, HiBy Music is continuing its expansion in the HiFi music industry by providing extraordinary user experience, music service, and forward-thinking products.


In the 50th Midem, HiBy Music showcased the Questyle QP1R player and the Spark Cayin i5 player at their exhibits, which included new albums of Chinese record companies. The exhibits showed outstanding national culture and the advanced manufacturing technology of Chinese brands.

Questyle QP1R Player

Cayin i5 Player

As the sole Chinese Exhibitor in music hardware at Midem, HiBy Music attracted lots of participants' attention.

Participants had great interest on HiBy Music

During Midem, HiBy Music strongly felt the increasing importance and attention people have towards the Chinese music market and pluralistic music products. Major domestic music platforms addressed the improvement of domestic music to help people better understand China's liberal and progressive market.


Bring Your Catalogue To Music

Key Note Interview with Gao Xiaosong; one of the many interesting shows at Midem.

Calypso Rose

Beats Band


Other wonderful moments at Midem

For more information about Midem, please visit: www.midem.com.

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