Cayin and HiBy Music Introducs New DAP Cayin i5


April 23, 2015, Beijing, China – Cayin, the leading HiFi manufacturer in Zhuhai, China, and HiBy Music, a renowned digital music service provider based in Guangdong, China, announced their newest DAP (Digital Audio Player) Cayin i5.  This is a jointly developed Android based Master Quality Music Player.

press conference venue
press conference venue for new DAP

Liang Bin, CEO of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, parent company of Cayin, presented their respectable 23 years profile in audio equipment design and manufacturing: “as the world’s largest vacuum tube amplifier manufacturer, Cayin have played a leading role in the domestic market and has reached out to 43 countries and districts.  We have received numerous international awards and are well received by audiophiles and music lovers all over the world”.

CEO of HiBy


Fanoble Meng, Co-Founder and CEO of HiBy Music also explained the philosophy behind the professional digital music service that has become indispensible to numerous premium quality music products: “We have worked with more than 10famous brands, embedded HiBy Music system into over 20 DAPs, and users of HiBy Music App and HiBy Music system have span over 90 countries and district.”  Meng has also announced their last generation music service, HiBy3.0 which will incorporate the timeliness Internet of Things (IoT) concept into their service.


A Customized System by HiBy Music

A Customized System by HiBy Music

The Cayin i5 is running on Android 4.4 that is fully customized by HiBy Music.  It decodes DSD natively, and can decode/playback numerous lossless formats up to 32bit 384kHz.  On top of the 32GB internal storage and a micro SD card slot, supporting up to 200GB micro SD card, users can also playback online and offline music from private cloud storage, networked or external storage via USB Type C, WiFi, DLNA and Bluetooth connections, making your favourite music always available.


The New DAP: Cayin i5

The Cayin i5 is housed inside a CNC aerospace aluminium alloy chassis with carbon fibre back plate.  The player can fit into your hand perfectly and weighted at 196g only, making it handy when used on-the-go. Last but not least, Cayin i5 is the first ever DAP that incorporate vertical domain embedded content, users can access up to 500 thousands licensed lossless music files from HiBy Music and dFIM. Although these music content are only available in Mainland China, Cayin and HiBy Music has demonstrated their ability to cope with build-in contents in DAP and is looking forward to work with content providers all over the world.


The New Portable Music Player: Cayin i5
The New Music Player: Cayin i5
The New Portable Player: Cayin i5
New DAP Cayin i5
DAP Cayin i5
Cayin i5, the new DAP
Cayin i5, the New Portable Music

About Cayin

Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. ( was founded in 1993.  The company is devoted to developing best-sounding audio equipment within budget and we are marketing our Hi-Fi products under the name of Cayin.  Their products carry distinctive cultural connotation and span over a very wide price range because they believe in making music accessible to all sectors. Their tube amplifier has been particularly well-received while they have a comprehensive product collection ranging from CD players to speakers as well, all of which presenting the same high quality benchmark and attractive in price performance.


Cayin ventured into personal audio in 2013 and launched a series of portable products including the renownedC5 headphone amplifier and the N6 and N5 Digital Audio Player (DAP).  They have developed a new series of products, known as the i-series, for lifestyle customers in personal audio.


About HiBy Music

HIBY MUSIC ( is a professional company that highly connected and expert across HiFi music industry. They work mainly in digital music service, especially for high resolution music (High definition, DSD). Both hardware manufacturing and software design service. Also the music player" HiBy Music" was published on Google Play and Apple App Store.


HiBy Music has a group of specialist that provides a strong guarantee for their digital music service. With partnerships and users in 90 territories throughout the world, HiBy Music is continuing its expansion in the HiFi music industry by providing extraordinary user experience and music service and developing forward-thinking products. 


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