HiBy Zeta ——theheadphonelist


I’d like to thank HiBy for sending us a Zeta review sample well before the IEM was widely available. I’ve been listening to and comparing Zeta with various sources and IEMs for the past month to get a better understanding of its qualities, and the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. 


When I heard the first rumours about a new flagship IEM from HiBy it took me by surprise, not because I didn’t know HiBy was in the IEM business, but because, until now, their efforts were mostly lower-priced companion IEMs for their outstanding range of DAPs. 

Zeta is far more than that. It’s a premium tribrid flagship IEM that combines nine drivers in each titanium-steel earpiece, including four of Sonion’s newly-released third-generation electrostats. It also features a five-way crossover and five independent tubes that connect and conduct the mix of DD, BA and e-stat drivers, to great effect I might add.

To be honest, what’s more surprising is that in the months that followed the initial announcement there hasn’t been more fanfare about this IEM, but perhaps what I hinted at earlier – that HiBy is better known for its DAPs – is the reason why. I think Zeta has the potential to change all that, or at least put HiBy in the mix when it comes to choosing a modern kilobuck IEM. 

Packaging, design and fit


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