HiBy Crystal 6 II Audio Componentry

All custom-designed 6x BA (per side) in ear monitors

A 6-faceted warrior with excellent performance to price ratio

Fully customized driver complement

Having high-level collaboration with Sonion allowed the all custom-designed set of 3 pairs (6 balanced armatures per earpiece) of drivers, ensuring sound quality that is at once unique and at the pinnacle of multi-BA performance.

Custom 39AY dual-woofer LFE BA: Low-frequency extension and texture on par with high-end dynamic drivers;

Custom 1006 dual mid-high BA: Excellent density of sonic texture and sweet vocals that are silky smooth;

Custom E50DT dual-tweeter BA: Exemplary high frequency extension enabling boundless soundstage perception and air.

3-way crossover design

Utilizing the same 3-way design as in high-end loudspeakers, 2 bass, 2 mids and 2 tweeters ensure high quality reproduction throughout the frequency range and the high quality genuine 3-way crossover ensures that frequency response is smooth, handover is seamless, and the audio quality is natural and clear.

All new venting design

Over hundreds of iterations, a venting design was arrived at that yielded plentiful yet responsive bass and at the same time resolved the negative pressure issue of IEMs without driver-side venting, ensuring the most natural listening experience in terms of both sound and wear quality.

Custom gold-traced crossover board

Ensuring minimum transmission loss and maximum fidelity.

All new reinforced internal structure

All new reinforced internal structure survives accidental drops and modular design improves consistency of sound quality.

Balanced tuning

Classic 6-BA configuration aimed at producing a balanced sound that is detailed throughout the range.

Sandpainted custom faceplate

The faceplates are each hand-decorated with a unique sandpainting technique by a professional artist, yielding natural patterns that are unique to each faceplate. Each earpiece is a unique work of art of its own!

3D-printed high-strength resin

Each earpiece is 3D-printed on a high quality printer, which guarantees consistency of production with the ergonomic design, and enables the high-strength, durable design;

Comfortable universal shell design

The shape of the earpieces modelled and optimized from 3D outer ear scan of thousands of subjects, guaranteeing universal suitability and comfort. Moreover, each earpiece is individually ground, polished and coloured by hand, guaranteeing attention to detail, and a final product that is so comfortable you can put them in your ears for hours and forget about them!

Cable with quick-swap interchangeable plugs

Bundled cable has interface for quickly changing from 4.4mm balanced to 3.5mm SE plug and vice versa, for quick adaptability to different players

Universal cable interface

Cable interface is the universal 0.78mm 2pin socket (gold plated), allowing users infinite possibilities for aftermarket cables.

Rich set of accessories

3 sets (Balanced, bassy and clear) of eartips of S/M/L sizes