FC4 Specs

Hardware specifications

Model HiBy FC4
Dimensions 65.3*22.1*11.9 mm
Weight 21.7 g
Chipset ES9219 * 2
Buttons Volume up / down
Supported formats PCM up to 768kHz/32bit, up to DSD256 native
RGB indicator light Status indicator
USB port Type-C
Headphone out 3.5mm TRS and CTIA-spec TRRS headsets
Balanced headphone out 4.4mm balanced
Audio specifications
Table header 0 3.5mm PO 4.4mm BAL
Output Level 1.9Vrms (32Ω) 3.3Vrms (32Ω)
Output Power 110mW (32Ω) 340mW (32Ω)
THD+N 0.0008% (32Ω) 0.0006% (32Ω)
Noise 1.7μVrms (32Ω) 2.2μVrms (32Ω)
SNR 120dB (32Ω) 123 dB (32Ω)
Dynamic Range 120dB (32Ω) 123 dB (32Ω)
Crosstalk Rejection 72dB (32Ω) 98 dB (32Ω)
Frequency response (-3dB) 20-90Khz (32Ω)

20-90Khz (32Ω)

What's in the box
①USB Type A to Type C interconnect 
②FC4 DAC/headphone amp product proper 
③Type-C to Type-C interconnect 
④Product packaging 
 ⑤User manual / warranty / certificate
* MQA Subscription Voucher