R3 Firmware V1.15 Download

1. After downloading the firmware, please place r3.upt in the root directory of micro SD card.

2. Insert the micro SD card into R3, click System settings -> Firmware update -> Update via micro SD card. Then R3 will get updated.

V1.15 Update Content:

Fixed the problem on firmware 1.14 such as Micro SD card cannot be recognized in some certain situations, users can only manually update the firmware via Micro SD card.



1 - For those who use firmware 1.14 normally, please get OTA update to 1.15 to prevent any problem exist.

2 - For those who already got the problem, please DOWNLOAD the file to update to 1.15 manually.

3 - File name is still r3.upt which is same as the previous firmware name. Please do NOT rename it.