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Version Hela
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Single-dynamic pair of In-Ear Monitors
10mm PU+PEEK composite diaphragm, dual magnets, dual chambers, lightweight acoustic construction, artistic faceplate, 0.78mm 2-pin cable interchangeable

Detailed Parameters

Dynamic In-Ear Monitor earphones

Bring out the best in the music

Developed by HiBy Music with maximum focus on detail retrieval and picking up minute changes in tonality, Hela has been carefully tuned to bring out the best in the music for the discerning, detail-oriented listener.

Professional acoustic design

Utilize a dual magnet dynamic driver in a dual acoustic chamber. The dual magnets improve dynamics and increase tunability of the driver, yielding a more refined result; the 10mm PU+PEEK diaphragm improves sound staging, impulse response and lowers distortion at high volumes, allowing all frequencies an exemplary performance in their own dedicated ranges to reproduce every detail!

Customized universal shell

The shell design is calculated from millions of ear canal 3D scans and incorporates the years of experience HiBy Music has with HiFi IEM design, better conforming to most people’s outer ear shape. Made of light polycarbonate, the black translucent shell is pleasing to the eye and feather-light on the ears, suitable for long listening and skin-friendly.

Unique artistic faceplates

Artistic lines of glass fibre mesh with metal and the black translucent inner shell peeks through, yielding a mysterious Gothic effect, and each faceplate is unique.

High quality cabling

4-core, 96-strand cable is made of high purity silver-plated OCC copper to ensure lossless transmission, wrapped in translucent black insulation. Skin-friendly silicone earhooks, comfortable and conforming. May be reformed in heat to suit your ears best.

Interchangeable cabling

Utilizing the industry-standard 0.78mm two-pin connector, the earpieces may be customized to any cabling to suit regular 3.5mm, balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm output, and even Bluetooth adapters.

At a glance

Model HiBy Hela
Earphone type In-Ear Monitors
Driver type Dynamic
Driver specification 10mm PU+PEEK composite, dual magnet in dual acoustic chambers
Frequency response 20~20kHz
Sensitivity 112dB@1kHz
Nominal Impedance 36Ω
Cable material High purity silver plated OCC copper
Cable Length 1.2m
Earphone plug 3.5mm gold plated Single-Ended
Plug shape Straight plug

What’s included

Earphones, eartips, cable, cleaning brush, carrying case, product packaging.