Hiby RS2 - R2R DAP Surprise——Headfi


General Information

+ Full R2R presentation
+ Natural timbre and zero digital glare
+ Solid detail retrieval
+ Wide soundstage and spectacular depth
+ Very good battery live, no drain function
+ Premium build quality
+ Comes with a carrying case and premium rare cables USB cable

- Many filters but not clear which is what (no names)
- No BT or Wi-Fi connection
- A short Type-C to Type-C cable missing
- Menu is simple but some illogical in structure

Last year, HiBy released the RS6 digital audio player – a solid, full of functionalities, R2R DAP (I still haven’t laid my hands on it because of its price). The RS6 started the premium R2R-based Darwin Architecture for portable digital audio players for the brand.
And recently Hiby launched the RS2 which got my attention immediately since it had an affordable price level while bringing the goodness of R2R DACs with modern functions like adjustable FIR filter, Harmonic controller, NOS/OS, etc. It is a pure audio player with the HiBy OS PureAudio version. I bought it immediately when it appeared in MusicTeck website (should out for them – wonderful service!).


The player comes loaded with a specially tailored OS - a simplified user interface and menu structure (no Android).It is my first real DAP (I have the Fiio Q5S but it is not a real DAP for me).

So, here I present to you my initial 4-day impressions. Please, have in mind that this is a bit unorthodox review – I am not the polished reviewer type, engaged dedicatedly to providing reviews, sourced by companies and the community with precious and new gear. I review and comment on what I have, what fits my collection, what I find unorthodox like a product, the gear that impresses me a lot (or disappoints me) and is still uncovered, according to me.

The Hiby RS2 is not a big device – the photos in the ads created wrong expectations; it is small like a pack of cigarettes – a bit wider and thinner, but shorter. But it feels heavy, solid piece of gear with a premium design and materials. I wish it was not that shorter for my hands and the only critics I have on the accessories is that USB Type-C cable is provided but a short Type-C to Type-C is not (my use case for the MQA is sourcing from phone).

The most other attractive facts for me are:
  • RS2 features OS (OverSampling) mode and NOS (Non-OverSampling)


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