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For a bit of background before I give my general statements on the Hiby RS6, I have always been interested in portables. Carrying my Gameboy Advanced or Nintendo DS while my bro was playing his PS1, PS2, etc. and even though it’s true that at the time the graphics on those consoles were not as good as the graphics of the home consoles, they kept on improving and improving while still being extremely fun and portable. Now I have a Nintendo Switch and its has similar graphics to the PS3 which back in the day would have been unfathomable! Similarly the experience is the same with computers, where am I writing this article for example? In my room, in the garage, maybe in the shitter if I run out of time (I would like to formally promise that not one piece of this article was typed in the restroom) and this is all due to me having a laptop! A portable computer that allows me to do everything and have every piece of a PC with me on my lap. Now this brings us to the real topic of this article. ~

The Hiby RS6 is the latest in the line of the Hiby DAPs, to my understanding it used the same amplifier that was inside of the Hiby R6 (2020 version) but actually improves on the DAC side of the device (which is admittedly usually the weakness in the Hiby DAPs). It now uses a discrete R2R design DAC and oh boy has it been eye opening. Things that might be worth mentioning are that the main DACs that I’ve had solid time with are the Bifrost 2, the iFi Diablo, Schiit Modius, Hiby R6, Xduoo XD-05 plus, so basically 1 desktop DAC and pure portables. During that whole time I was looking for something to replace the Bifrost 2 as it was obviously just the best DAC out of all, many like the Diablo and R6 certainly carried some more comparable qualities that others didn’t match, but to say that they were comparable to the Bifrost 2 in any way would really be stretching it. The Hiby RS6 is the most revolutionary product in the Hiby lineup imo because it shows the amount of work that the company put into it, as it not only is capable of being as good as the Bifrost but imo actually is a fair bit better than the Bifrost (which notably is loved for being capable of performing very well for it’s price range) and when you add the fact that the RS6 is a transport for your music and also a amplifier

it’s just incredibly compelling as a whole.

Let’s dive into sound a bit!

Disclaimer: Everything in this article is based off the NOS (non-over sampling) mode.


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