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Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 1

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 2

Hiby R6 Pro ii


Hello, this is my full written review of Hiby’s brand new mid-level dap, the “Hiby R6 Pro ii” or R6P2 (as I’ll refer to it for review purposes). I received the R6P2 as I was part of the Hiby tour which brought to me the Hiby Zeta (Hiby Zeta Review HERE) as well as the R6 Pro ii. So far, I have been more than impressed with this beautiful digital audio player and hopefully I can tell you why in a way that makes sense to you.


The audio company Hiby has been around for quite some time, since around 2011 and have mostly specialized in their Digital Audio Players (DAP) as well as smaller dac/amp dongle for mobile uses. Hiby seems to specialize in R&D, and it is evident in their products. I haven’t been able to actually test out most of Hiby’s DAP products besides the Hiby R3 Pro 2022 and the dap I’m reviewing today. That said, they have a very extensive list of Daps from the budget sector all the way to the high-end arena. Hiby also has a very nice list of Dongle Dacs, dac/amps, iems and even a few True Wireless to round out their product list. Truly it’s quite impressive. I suppose that I had no idea how extensive it was until I really dug deep through Hiby’s history.

With that said I was very excited to get my hands on this unit in particular as it boasts some nice specs and quality Internals as well as a beautifully big screen. Like I said, I will try my best at informing the buying public of my thoughts so as to possibly help to make a purchasing decision. I will always give my thoughts and only my thoughts and I’m not in any way swayed by the fact that this is a tour unit. Without further ado… The Hiby R6 Pro ii…

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Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 3
What a pairing! The Hiby R6 Pro ii coupled with the Hiby Zeta

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 4
The Hiby R6 Pro ii with the Fiio FH9

Gear used for testing

Yanyin Canon
Fiio FH9
Shanling MG600
Hiby Zeta
-Who am I kidding, most every iem in my collection

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 5


Main features

Model: HiBy R6Pro (Gen 2)

Operating System: Android 12

SoC: Snapdragon 665 (8-core 1.8GHz kryo 260)

DAC: AK4191EQ+dual AK4499EX (nOCTA-DAC output architecture

for all outputs)

Audio formats: DSD1024 / PCM1536KHz/32bit / MQA16X

Output ports (analog): 3.5mm PO / 4.4mm BAL

3.5mm LO / 4.4mm BAL LO

Output ports (digital): Typе-C USB and coaxial digital

Wireless functions

WiFi frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz supported

Bluetooth: Two-way Bluetooth 5.0

Hi-res Bluetooth Codecs: UAT LDAC APTX APTXHD AAC SBC

WiFi audio: Airplay/DLNA/HiByLink

Display specifications

Screen size: 5.9″

Display type: IPS

Resolution: 1080-2160

Storage configuration

RAM: 4GB (LPDDR4X-1866)

Internal storage: 64GB

USB port: USB-2.0 and 3.1 compatible up to 10 Gbps bandwidth

Micro SD card slot: Supports up to 2TB

External features

Color choices: Black/ Purple

Chassis material: Aluminium chassis with toughened glass backplate

Dimensions: 147.45 x 75.2 x 15mm

Weight: 285G

Power specifications

Charging: 9 Volt-2 Amps or 5 Volt-0.5 Amps

Battery capacity: 5000mAh/3.8V

Play Time(Battery Life): 3.5mmPO (Class AB): 8 Hours

4.4mmBAL (Class AB): 7 Hours

3.5mmPO (ClassA): 6 Hours

4.4mmBAL (ClassA): 5 Hours

Charging standard: PD 2.0 18W

Charging time: <2 Hours 0%-100%)


Firmware upgrades: OTA online updates

Font Size: Adjustable

App 3rd Party apps: Installable

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 6

Packaging / Accessories
Let’s begin this review with a little bit of an unboxing experience run-down. First off, I should state that the packaging and box is not wasteful. I’ve owned quite a number of daps in my audio time, and this is one of the smaller boxes. Anyways, the packaging is fitting of a $749 device. Also, I should state that this is a tour unit so I honestly have no clue the arrangement of the accessories so I will skip that and simply tell you what’s inside. I do know that once the box lid comes off you do see the absolutely stunningly designed R6P2 in all its glory looking back at you as it sits in a tight hard foam cut-out. However, this thing is a bear to get out. Please trust me. I honestly thought I was going to break it. This is where you breathe, exhale and give it a little wiggle ‘n pull.

Under the R6P2 you’ll find only a couple extra items. One of those items being the case which serves to protect your Hiby R6 Pro 2. You also receive a Type-C to Type-C adapter cable as well as a Type-C to Type-A USB adapter charging cable. Hiby also provides a couple screen protectors for the front and back of the unit and some reading material (manual etc.). All things considered the Hiby R6 Pro 2 is packaged well and is obviously well protected for transport.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 7
 Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 8
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 9
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 10


HR6P2 Case

Due to the fact that I received the purple R6P2, I also received a purple case to color match. I find the case is actually very nice and just as ergonomic as holding the R6P2 without it. Made of what appears to be a faux leather material, I find this case very stylish and very trendy looking. All ports are open and accessible. I also appreciate that the case just slides on and off and is held on very well. You will never have an issue with this case falling off or sliding off like some cases. The fit is perfect as there are raised areas on the R6P2 that the case is perfectly molded to. Truly it looks fantastic. I love the stitching on the case which lines the curves of this beauty as well as the imposed “Hiby” on the back. I want to extend a pat on the back to the designers. Top notch in every way.

Build / Aesthetic

This dap is absolutely beautiful and it’s chunky too. In hand it feels awesome. Truly it is a good size and offers a very nice experience. The R6P2 has a special feel to it, like I’m holding some fully premium tech in my hand. I don’t quite know how to explain it. The R6P2 comes in both “black” & “purple”, and both are striking in design. The bottom half of the device is thinner making it very ergonomic for most any hand. Somehow, I find the look to be very elegant, almost Buji, but also very classy and sleek. There is some weight to this unit as it’s on the larger side within the world of daps. It feels substantial, and is very solid in hand, as it should be.

On the back you’ll notice wavy raised grooves or lines which run up and down while following the curves of the device itself. There’s also a cool looking pattern with the name “Hiby” imposed on the back. The chassis itself is made of pure aluminum and Hiby decided on a chic looking glass backing which is likely hardened glass for protection. You may want to keep the case on.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 11
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 12
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 13
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 14
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 15

She’s a beaut…

Truthfully, the R6P2 is one of the better designed daps in the market, without question. Hiby pulled out all the stops to assure this dap is unique and one of a kind with a special appearance for an audio fan. Personally, I adore the look and while I wouldn’t usually go for anything purple… Folks…this purple is DOPE!! Flat out and hands down one of the best-looking daps… period!! End of discussion. Now, I would have loved to see a volume wheel like my iBasso DX240 or my Shanling M6 Ultra, but we can’t have everything we want. To be honest I feel that after a good hour of use the controls become second nature, but I’ll cover that later.

Ports & Buttons

You’ll notice on the bottom the 3.5 PO outlet as well as the 4.4 balanced port as well as the 3.5 LO and 4.4 LO ports right next to them. Underneath you can also find the Type-C USB & Coaxial Digital outlet as well which supports data transmission as well as PD2.0 18w charging. All well placed however I do tend to prefer ports on the top I must say that this is a minor thing for me. I have daps that have them both ways and enjoy them all. Along the left side are the next & back track buttons as well as a pause & play button. On the right side are the volume control buttons (100 steps) as well as the power button for on & off.

I find the button placement is good and they function very nicely. Really, it can go one of two ways with buttons folks. I’ve had daps with less than adequate buttons in the past that have no haptic recognition of the button push. The R6P2 on the other hand has nice responsiveness with a good tactile compression on each button, and a nice click when pressing down. There’s also a micro-SD card slot that supports up to 2 tb cards. I used a 1 tb card and loaded about 800gb of music. One other small gripe for me; the music loaded slower for me compared to other daps. Not that it’s unbearably slow but should be mentioned.


One thing which cannot go overlooked or understated is the beautiful IPS 1080×2060 5.9″ screen. What a very nice screen! Much more vibrant than Fiio offerings at the same price point and much more visually appealing and bright than my Shanling M6 Ultra. Truly it is beautiful, and it’s only rivaled by some iBasso dap screens, which is a huge compliment. The screen boasts great colors that are very radiant and showy and really help to make album art “Pop”! One of the highlights of the R6P2, without question. The screen is huge and is reminiscent of a large smartphone screen. The pixel density is fantastic and if you value album artwork… at all… then you will value what the R6P2 can provide as far as the screen is concerned. The screen has excellent responsiveness to finger taps as well.

Under the hood

Hiby went a very unique route in choosing the dac chips as well using two of AKM’s latest Dac chips, the AK4191EQ + dual AK4499EX which can output and astounding 32bit/1536ghz audio. Another treat is that the R6P2 can also play DSD1024. These dual dac chips allow the R6P2 to have complete system bit-perfect audio bragging rights. I happen to love this. This means that most 3rd party apps can operate “bit-perfect”. One other nice functionality is 16x MQA unfolding. Yeah yeah, I know, MQA is donzo. Still, if you need it… It’s there.

Class A/B & Class A

I love Hiby’s usage of both class A/B as well as class A amping circuitry which is very simple to quickly change-up depending on your power needs. The amp circuits are operated using two OPA1652 chips as well as 8 NXP Bipolar Transistors. These amp circuits also work in tandem with two dedicated NDK femtosecond precision Crystal Oscillators (45.1584MHz / 49.152MHz) for an ultra-low noise floor & jitter which basically helps the sound to come across cleaner.

There is a lot going on and it’s all working in Hiby’s favor. Especially having both Class A/B & Class A options, as there are a few reasons why one would want this ability in their dap. It’s nice to be able to tailor your power output per the iems or headphones you are choosing to use. I found that class A/B amping to be plenty for most of my iems but if I’m being honest, I did still use Class-A most of the time. Second, you can also switch to Class A/B for better battery life as there is most certainly a difference in the length of listening sessions depending on what amp circuit you choose.

Differences in amp circuit

Another thing…there is a definite recognizable difference in sound quality depending on what amp circuit you are using. Not that the A/B is much worse, but I did notice an actual audible difference going between them. I found the Class-A amp to be a more refined version of the same sound. I felt the stage widened; transient attack tightened up a bit too. Also, the bass gained density and became more taught and generally the sound seemed more expressive with slightly more pronounced macro-dynamics. Hence why I chose to keep the Class-A amp mode turned on for most of my time critical listening.

Output power

This is something that I must bring up as I know it’s on the mind of those who are looking for their next dap. One thing we are always looking at is the power under the hood. Now, the R6P2 isn’t exactly a powerhouse. The output power of both classes of amplifiers is the same, 125mw using 3.5 single ended and 383mw running 4.4 balanced. Yes, I realize this seems low and in truth it is. In fact, for a Dap this price it’s very low. However, this doesn’t stop the R6P2 from easily driving any iem that I have in my collection. From Final Audio products to planars the R6P2 has plenty of juice. What’s great is that there is very little hiss which makes your listening very clean from the jump. It may seem low but have no fear, the R6P2 is perfectly capable of driving any iem and most headsets with plenty of headroom.


This is one area that I found a bit of an issue with. First let me start with the specs (listed above too). The R6P2 has an inboard 5000mah battery, which rivals most smartphones. You cannot swap batteries either (if you are wondering). Hiby states that you can get roughly 8 hours using 3.5 mm PO and 7 hours using 4.4 balanced on class A/B amping. If you choose class A amping Hiby says you should be around 6 Hours on 3.5 and 5 Hours on 4.4.

Battery usage

There is a lot to unpack to reach those numbers. Let me start by saying that I didn’t get quite that amount of usage time. I used class A amping on 4.4. balanced most of the time while I listened to my Playlists. When listening, I usually scroll through (screen on) and then turn the screen off to listen. I do this 100% of the time unless I’m listening straight through an album. I would usually get around 3 hours and be at about 20% battery life remaining when listening to the R6P2. Now, I’m sure you may get close if you watch your volume, gain settings, keep the screen off and less bright when it is on, turn Bluetooth off, turn Wi-Fi off and a few other settings and by all means, if you want to save your battery use the Class-A/B amping when you can.

The same can be said for each of the hour ratings that Hiby states in their promotional material. I noticed a little bit less but again, I also scrolled through album art and searched for titles after each track and such. So, it’s partially my fault. Granted, I use my other daps the same way and battery life doesn’t seem to drop as quickly. With all that being said, I don’t think battery life is terrible. Hardly am I listening for over 3 hours in one sitting. I have children, a full-time job, a house that needs to be tended to and so I relish my time that I get to chill for more than 4 hours.


The R6P2 comes equipped with 64GB ROM which is great for apps and all the regular duties of an Android player. Also, 64GB is pretty much standard in this price bracket which is great to see. Again, plenty of memory for storing 3rd party apps from the Google Play Store. Hiby also added 4GB of RAM which is the least you would need for Android 12 and helps the R6P2 to feel quick scrolling through apps and the home screen and settings menus. Honestly, if you’d like to use the R6P2 for videos on YouTube or even scrolling through Facebook it feels identical to a smartphone and offered zero hiccups or issues that I found.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 16

UI Functionality / Software
One thing that impressed me was the implementation of Android 12 in dap form. I feel Hiby created an Android infrastructure that doesn’t skip a beat from something like a smartphone. Going from my Galaxy Fold 4 to the Hiby R6 Pro 2 I honestly wasn’t missing much. The home screen UI as well as searching through apps and settings is a breeze. Truly a snappy experience! The R6P2 uses a hobby best SOC in the Snapdragon 665 which happens to be a 1.8 ghz Kryo260 8-Core (Octa-Core) chip. Please trust me this thing is fast. However, for whatever reason there were some apps that were rather sluggish. I don’t think it was a processing issue at all but a compatibility issue maybe. Not a horrible issue but something to note. Surfing the web was breezy and almost all functionality that an Android dap would be capable of is a whizz on the R6P2. Really, the designers & engineers should get a pat on the back… Here is me clapping!!!

Android 12

If ever you’ve used an Android smartphone or device, then the R6P2 will suit you just fine. To be honest the R6P2 is just as quick as my other daps, if not a pinch quicker. Simply just sluggish with some 3rd party apps. The essence of Android 12 is captured very well as Hiby actually uses their own spin on the operating system with a very slightly remade version of Android 12. We see this often with Android devices. Some things remain exactly the same however, as in the way the build feels and operates exactly as a smartphone would yet with some added tweaks that Hiby made. Whether it be adding widgets, changing home themes (I used Nova) or swapping wallpapers, display settings, developer settings, and everything in between the R6P2 handles these adjustments perfectly and without issue.

HR6P2 Android
The Hiby R6 Pro ii running a full functional Google Play Store
HR6P2 Android
HR6P2 Android

Hiby Music Player

I won’t go too much into Hiby’s own music player which you can also get through the Google Play store and put on any device. Anyways, the Hiby Player is in my opinion one of the best music players you can get for anything Android. I use it frequently along with USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP). I find that the aesthetic of the player is very appealing with album art that bounces off the screen and a UI that is very easy to navigate. Plus, there are a myriad of functions and settings to change up the sound to your liking (MSEB next section). This is truly an all-in-one type of music player that I do recommend you check out. Anyways, the Hiby Music Player comes as an on-board app on the R6P2.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 17
Hiby Music Player
Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 18
Hiby Music Player


One feature that is worth noting within the Hiby Music Player is the fantastically designed and imagined “MSEB”. As you scroll through settings you will easily find the “Audio Settings”. Inside the audio settings tab you can swap different filters among other things relevant to a digital audio player. You’ll also notice MSEB tuning which is a Hiby exclusive and does a fantastic job of tuning your music per your preferences. If you haven’t checked it out, then I would push you to do so. MSEB is actually a type of equalizer which makes tuning easy to understand and use. Actually, it’s about as easy as it gets. Hiby basically uses their own adjustable version of preset settings which are labeled and made ridiculously easy to learn and play around with. I don’t usually use any equalizer settings but for those who do, MSEB is a game changer.


This is a cool feature. HibyCast allows the user to operate his or her R6P2 from their smartphone. Now, just about every dap I own has this functionality already, but I find that Hiby does a great job at implementing it. The responsiveness is very nice and quicker than even some more expensive daps that I own. You can play any app, browse, control music, Bluetooth, basically anything.


It should be noted and added to this review simply for purposes of my due diligence, the Hiby R6 Pro 2 does have two-way Bluetooth abilities. Meaning, you can use the R6P2 as a Bluetooth Receiver or a Transmitter. This has been around for years but not all daps make good use of it. Just for the sake of honesty and transparency I did not use this feature as it doesn’t make sense for my use cases but it’s nice to have when you need it.

The R6P2 operates Bluetooth 5.0 and carries a number of high-quality Audio Codecs. Namely the R6P2 has UAT (Hiby owned), LDAC, Aptx-Hd, Aptx, AAC & SBC Codecs. There are some very high-quality Codecs at play here ladies and gentlemen. UAT can transmit up to 1200 kbps and 24bit/192khz audio and LDAC can run around 990 kbps and 24bit/192khz audio. Aptx-Hd can get up to 576 kbps and 24bit/48khz while Aptx can achieve 16bit/48khz and 352 kbps. Obviously, you would want to use the better Codecs and it’s always nice to have some good quality choices.

Also, if you so choose, the R6P2 can be used as an external dac which can be useful for a desktop setup and is nice to have the option. Of course, this has been around for quite some time but worth making a mention of it.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 19

Listening Impressions
Let me start off by saying that I truly enjoy the sound quality of the Hiby R6 Pro 2. Right out the gate I want to get that out of the way. I used many different iems in my R6P2 journey, please trust that. Okay, I used every iem I have in my arsenal… which is many. However, for critical listening I chose to focus on a few that made the most sense to me.

Looking through my collection of iems, I obviously went with the Hiby Zeta as the two simply sing together. I also went with the Shanling MG600, the Fiio FH9 and the Yanyin Canon predominantly. It was on my mind to see how well the R6P2 could refine the transient behavior of the MG600? Could it add some snappiness to the FH9’s treble? How well was the R6P2 able to tighten the bass response of the Yanyin Canon? These are serious questions I was seeking. I already own daps that can do these things, but they are more expensive and truthfully should be able to. That said, the R6P2 has a secret sauce my friends.


To start I found the R6P2 to be closer to warm/neutral than it is warm, ever so slightly colored but mostly natural. I found the R6P2 to have a generally tight transient attack throughout the mix and lively macro-dynamics. Note density is pretty good and each note is clean and clear with fantastic transparency. In fact, transparency may be the R6P2’s superpower and greatest attribute. What this does for my iems is very enjoyable. The Zeta, MG600 and Canon absolutely benefit from the overall tonality and quickness with which the R6P2 manipulates the sound. The R6P2 added some lift to an overall warm set while also cleaning up the midrange as well.


The bass is not the star of the show and in my opinion is more of a “part to a whole” type situation more than anything. Saying that, I’d also say that the bass is quite solid with a tactile feeling in the sub bass and a tightened and deft mid-bass. I find that the bass is well in control and is mostly an uncolored and pristine and doesn’t extend into the midrange to any detriment. Listening to iems that I’ve spent too much of my life listening to, I can positively attest that the R6P2 created a better version of my bassier and more atmospheric iems in this region. The R6P2 will not increase the quantity of any particular set but it will increase the quality of the bass compared to inferior sources.

Let me make it clear that the R6P2 does not enhance the quantity of the bass. This is not a forward sounding low-end with a colored and fun sound like my Shanling M6 Ultra. I would call it a more audiophile and fun sound. I feel there is equal presence between the sub-bass and mid-bass, for the most part and plenty of emphasis, texture, dynamics and clarity to create an authentic experience which will really show off the tonality of the iems or headsets you choose to use.


The midrange provides a clear picture in my mindscape as the MG600 certainly benefited the most from the R6P2’s. Truly I find the midrange my favorite area of the “big three” (Bass, Mids, Treble). Not quite milky and buttery but rather transparent velvet. I hear a midrange that casts a more warmish neutral and cleanly translucent auditory expression all the while remaining quite smooth and full sounding.

Despite the smoothness there is a relatively defined edge to notes which have a conciseness to them and some rigidity, yet they don’t come across tacky or abrasive. The midrange sounds as though it is pushed a bit more forward while keeping in good control and never shouty to my ears. I actually really enjoy the emphasis here. The mids are just enough forward to shine a light on vocals and instrumentation without crossing that line to sound metallic, grainy or shouty.


Vocals come across a pinch thinner in the midrange than you may be used to if you are coming from a warmer sounding dap or dac, but I didn’t find the sound papery or dry at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. Note body has a nice structure yet still feels more relaxed than they are energetic. Note outlines have a nicely round feel with great presence. The low-mids have a bit more girth and are a titch more smoothed over for male vocals. Still very highlighted and featured in a very well composed manner. The upper-mids are slightly thinner but come across absolutely crystal in sound. Females generally sound more pronounced to me; they have a bit more of a shimmer to them. I think one of the strong suits of the R6P2 is its ability to render the vocal delivery of both male and female singers.

Vocals cont…

There is a depth to vocals or a 3D sense to the sound that really drew me in with my more mid-centric iems. I’m assuming that vocals and instrumentation greatly benefit due to the dual dac architecture. Like I said, there is depth to the sound, or this controlled ductility to the sound, as if you are hitting a note from all sides. Other than vocals, details are easily illuminated and easy to discern as well. Timbre in the midrange is spot on to my ears, which, take that how you want to, but I feel the sound is very close to natural, or at least how I imagine natural should sound. The best way to put it is that the sound is mostly uncolored and not at all processed or digital sounding. The natural smooth nature of a human voice is captured. It isn’t super edgy like we often hear and it’s great to see this in an under $1000 dap. Great job Hiby.


The highs are balanced with the rest of the mix in my opinion, and I noticed that iems with emphasized highs don’t become shouty or shrill. In fact, I think the R6P2 helped to refine them a bit with its more laid-back approach. The treble has a decent punch to it without coming across coarse and glassy. I wouldn’t say the treble is necessarily crisp but there is good definition which makes for a detailed listening experience. The treble is emphasized and accentuated but never sounds harsh. It’s actually good for extended listening sessions without offering fatigue. Don’t take that as though there isn’t brilliance there either because the R6P2 has just that, except it’s conducted in a controlled & measured way that balances with the rest of the mix quite well.

I also find the treble to have nice extension and great clarity past 10k for any track I threw at it. Obviously not every iem I have had great extension, but I found the R6P2 only improved or coached my iems to follow suit. I enjoyed the expressive extension and dynamics that really seem to extend to the furthest reaches of the psycho-acoustic sound field. Meaning, at the furthest reaches of the stage I feel the sound keeps its focus generally. I don’t want to oversell but I have to report what I hear; the treble is well tuned, and my hat goes off to those who played a part in that.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 20
The Yanyin Canon made a nice improvement using the Hiby R6 Pro ii


I find the soundstage width, height, and depth to be on part with other daps in its price point. Of course, I can only make these judgements against any daps I’ve actually listened to, but I do find the stage to be a more immersive experience than the Fiio M11 Plus ESS for example. As you move up to higher priced daps like the iBasso DX240 or Shanling M6 Ultra it is more of a fight. One quality of the stage that I find to be very well accomplished lies more in its depth of field rendering.

Separation / Imaging

This is where we begin to see the R6P2 start to really distinguish itself from the others in its price point. As far as separation goes the R6P2 does a great job of partitioning off elements of a stage and delineating some exactness and roundness to individual instruments or voices. Imaging walks hand in hand here too. In fact, imaging may actually be the R6P2’s other superpower. I loved listening to live tracks with this dap. I loved picturing what I was hearing because the R6P2 does so well at imposing these images into my frontal lobe. Whether it be left to right or front to back the cleanliness with which the R6P2 is tuned, the quick transient response, the clean background, the spatial recognition and the layering ability are each very well accomplished and together each of these attributes combines plays for a very nice end result.


One thing you won’t complain about is the R6P2’s ability to illuminate and bring to the surface the minutia and micro-details in your music. The R6P2 is speedy, transparent, clean, uncolored, balanced across the mix and the R6P2 has great spatial recognition and separation. Just like imaging, all these abilities form to help prop up the subtleties within a track. I would say that the R6P2 is one of the better detailed daps under $1000 that I’ve personally listened to.

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 21
The Shanling MG600 attached to the Hiby R6 Pro ii provides nice synergy

Is it worth the asking price? 

Okay, so this is a pretty loaded question. For me, I think the Hiby R6 Pro 2 is well worth the asking price. In fact, I think it can be considered one of the better daps under $1000. It certainly is a contender. However, there are some subjective qualms which some may find. Like, the bass is not emphasized in a way that adds more fun to the sound. Is this an issue? Maybe it is for you? For me, I think the R6P2 only added quality to the bass section. Or, maybe you don’t want a more forward midrange or a laid-back treble? Maybe you want more power to drive your more difficult iems and headsets? Maybe battery life is a concern? These are legitimate questions to ask yourself. However, I think those questions go to the minority of people and I do feel the majority of people will see the upsides of the R6P2 and truly enjoy this dap.

The why…

The R6P2 has so much going for it! First off, find a better-looking dap! I’m waiting…. Seriously, the Hiby R6 Pro 2 is a baddy my friends. Gorgeous! Also, the screen is absolutely phenomenal for a Dap at this price. I promise each and every one of you the screen is awesome for album art, videos, or simply scrolling through the web. You will not be let down. The screen is vibrant, bright and huge.

There are also so many ways that I didn’t cover to manipulate the sound in the Hiby R6 Pro 2 as well, and by the way… the sound quality is fantastic! I really hate to send this unit on its way. This is the absolute truth. I wish it was mine and pretty soon I will have to box it up and send it back. I’ll need some consoling. It just adds this transparent and natural flavor to the sound that my other daps don’t necessarily have to the same degree. Granted I love my other daps, but Hiby really nailed this one for under $800. Is the Hiby R6 Pro 2 worth the asking price? You Betcha!

Hiby R6 Pro II Review 2023 | Detailed Analysis & User Experience 22


To conclude my full written review of the Hiby R6 Pro 2 I want to thank Hiby and Joseph Yueng for providing this tour unit. Ya know, they have been very accommodating and it’s an honor to be able to review such high-quality gear. In truth it makes my job so much easier. So, thank you.

I also implore you all to check out other reviews of the R6P2. Making such a high price purchase is no small thing. It would behoove you to listen to, watch or read other impressions and thoughts about this unit. Like I always say, we don’t all hear the same, we don’t all have the same gear, we don’t all have the same likes and dislikes, and we haven’t all been down the same audio journey. Heck, we clearly don’t all have the same level of knowledge in this audio game. I simply want you to make the right choice and hearing all sides and all opinions only helps. With that I also want to thank anyone who chose to read my words on this very nice new DAP from Hiby. It has been my pleasure, so please take good care, try to stay safe and always…God Bless.

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