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HiBy R3 II

HiBy is primarily known for their DAPs around here, but truth to be told they are a well established manufacture of not only players, but IEMs, portable amps and accessories. HiBy, starting in 2011 has continued to innovate and imagine introducing the HiByMusic player software for Android and iOS. This is my first journey into a HiBy product. And while I have had experience with a number of sound making devices………as of the last 5 years my personal listening has centered around DAP use. I have used 90% exclusively the Sony WM1A and WM1Z. Now while the R3 II does not quite have the resolution or expanded soundstage of the WM1A, enhanced with MrWalkman’s firmware…..it’s also only a fraction of the cost. Where the WM1A sold for $1200.00 and the WM1Z sold for $3200.00……our HiBy R3 II is simply $179.00.


Pictured from left to right, Sony WM1A, HiBy R3 II, Shanling UA3 and Apple Dongle.

In so many ways the R3 II finds its sound between the WM1A and Apple Dongle. But more than that, the R3 II is a blessing in use. I was going to name this review Ditch the Dongle. I really was…..then I got to thinking that I’ve only heard 3 Dongles, so I thought maybe I don’t have enough experience to make such a claim? Still remember the Apple Dongle and UA3 still need more equipment before they will make music. Where we find both the Sony WM1A and HiBy R3 II are fully self contained audio devices, yep…..just plug in and away you go. Still if you must complicate matters the R3 II is a Swiss Army Knife of functionality, it CAN act as a Dongle, it can send and receive BlueTooth 5.1. You can use it to read books or stream Tidal and Qobuz. The R3 II is super powerful and can drive many full-size headphones. Plus it’s easy to use and sounds fantastic.

  • Model : R3 II
  • Operating System : Hiby OS
  • Screen : 3.2’’ Touch Screen (480×360pixel)
  • DAC : Dual ES9219C
  • CPU : Ingenic X1000E
  • Wi-Fi Support : 2.4GHz with AirPlay, DLNA and Wireless Audio support
  • Bluetooth : BT V5.1
  • Bluetooth Codec Support : UAT, LDAC, aptX, SBC, AAC
  • Phone Output : 3.5mm Single Ended
  • Balanced Output : 4.4mm TRRRS
  • USB In/Out : USB Type-C Charging / Data transfer / USB DAC / Coaxial
  • SNR : 3.5mm SE – 119dB / 4.4mm Balanced – 119dB
  • Min. THD : 3.5mm SE – 0.0005% / 4.4mm Balanced – 0.0005%
  • Channel Separation : 3.5mm SE – 74dB / 4.4mm Balanced – 103dB
  • Frequency Range : 20Hz – 90kHz (3.5mm SE & 4.4mm Balanced)
  • Max Output Power @32Ω : 3.5mm SE – 112mW / 4.4mm Balanced – 380mW
  • Storage : 1 x MicroSD Card Slot
  • Battery Capacity : 2000mAH
  • Dimensions : 86.9 x 60.6 x 14.5mm
  • Weight : 118g

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