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HiBy Music is a company dedicated to developing and selling high-quality products. As an emerging brand in the HiFi Audio Market, the achievements of HiBy has been well acclaimed in recent years. Since the establishment of the brand, the pursuit of excellence has been playing an important role in HiBy. From players, systems, and platforms, to operating experience and product function, HiBy has successfully caught in the spotlight of attention. Today, we’d like to unfold the history of HiBy from a distinct perspective.
Logo of Hiby Music
When it comes to the establishment of HiBy, it’s necessary to mention Fanoble Meng and Rick Wong, the key people behind HiBy.
The key person behind HiBy.

Fanoble began learning software design at the age of 15 and has extensive experience in multiple areas. He majored in mechanical engineering design and automation. Rick graduated from electrical engineering, his skills across the design, development, application, and integration of electronic device and information system. In 2004, both of them joined a well-known audio brand in China as a software engineer, where they have laid a solid foundation for their establishment of HiBy.

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