From entering a market to creating a brand HiBy | Make Music More Musical

From entering a market to creating a brand

Even though HiBy starts earning its fame only in recent years, but the team has been well prepared for the audio revolution much earlier than that.
HiBy team comprises a group of passionate young talents who are committed to offering not only a software solution but a HiFi player to narrow the operating experience gap between a traditional system and the Smartphone.
With no luck in finding any players meet their expectations on the market, the team asked itself, ‘Why not making our own product?’ And this is where the actual foundation was laid. The HiBy team is dedicated to building a high-quality music player that everyone loves. Adhering to the principle of ‘smoothing the operation for better music,’ the team named HiBy’s first series as ‘R,’ referred to the uprising of a music revolution. ‘We would like to bring about a major change to the HiFi industry, offering something impressive to HiFi enthusiasts.’ One of the team members said.
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