Finding a Niche with HiBy - How a startup stood up and builds its grounds

Even though the start if HiBy In the face of the unevenness of the HiFi audio market, the gap between product experience and mainstream products is growing. To allow more people to enjoy quality music, the two founders decided to enter the HiFi market.
In 2011, HiBy officially engaged in the HiFi market. 
HiBy officially engaged in the HiFi market
Both founders hold the belief that ‘A good foundation is a Key to Success’. Despite the fact that HiBy starts earning its fame only in recent years, but the team has been well prepared for the audio revolution much earlier than that. At the early stage of the establishment, the company focused on software solution development and has worked with several brands to develop dozens of players and headsets, as well as offering behind-the-scenes software solutions to many well-known brands. In 2014, HiBy launched the mobile app “HiBy Music”, which has over one million professional users in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. “HiBy Music” is not only well-received by music enthusiasts but such experiences have also laid a solid foundation for HiBy’s self-developed HiFi music player.

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