CES 2018 – HiBy Embarking on A New Journey

Faye Zhou

The annual CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) 2018 successfully ended on January 12th.


Since 1967, CES – International Consumer Electronics Show, became a window for electronic product companies all over the world to introduce new products, display high-level tech inventions, and promote futuristic lifestyles.

 We brought our best products to the worldwide market to show the voice of China!


The well-known R6 and the mysterious new R3 along with some other new features was displayed at the CES 2018.


The R6’s outstanding appearance attracted a lot of attention. Its stainless steel version looks calm and robust, while the grey and black aluminum alloy players with the same spec are lighter with a frosted border, giving a refined texture, mesmerising appearance at an affordable price range.


R6 and R3 attracted lots of foreign attention as well whom showed much interest in our products.


We believe that the Western audiophiles are familiar with the Tidal logo showed on the R3. With a great library of pop music, Tidal is an app that supports Hi-Fi music online playback. R3 shares the music library with Tidal through streaming media playback technology and supports online playback. R3 can be plugged into our cooperative music apps to share music. Users can play a wide variety of music in such a tiny player.


The tiny R3 has comprehensive features like its 2.5mm port, 3.5mm single-ended port, HiBy Link, USB DAC dual output, DLNA and AirPlay. The interior dual ESS ES9028Q2M DACs support PCM384/32bit, DSD256 to the maximum, and DST-compressed SACDs (ISO supported, up to DSD64 stereo).


With the HiBy OS, R3 is convenient, user-friendly, and powerful thanks to its high screen/bezel ratio and capacitive touch control. R3 offers a variety of colorful aluminum alloy options and it’s expected to be priced between 1000-1500 and to be launched in April  2018.


CES 2018 was full of interesting exhibits, but we didn’t miss a single stop. Thanks to this, we met a lot of industry professionals and acquired a lot of industry knowledge. With the 2019 coming, we are going to reveal even more possibilities and surprises to audiophiles. Looking forward to HiBy 2019!

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