HiBy RS8 Review——headfonics


In today’s feature, we review the HiBy RS8 which is a flagship balanced R2R DAP using Android 12, 256GB of memory, and a titanium outer casing. It is priced at $3299.

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The new HiBy RS8 DAP could well be interpreted as the “kitchen sink” of everything the company has introduced over the last few years.

This is not just a continuation of what they started to work on with the lower-tier RS6, namely the Darwin Architecture and the switch to an R2R DAC design. It is also an affirmation of their roots in software, with perhaps the most advanced version of Android yet to be seen on a DAP.

With a highly luxuriant interpretation of the legacy R8 housing design and some serious internal component upgrades, it is quite possible the RS8 will stand alone in 2022 as the most modern interpretation of a portable audio player to date. 



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