Hiby Digital M300 Android DAP – New Pocketable Music Flavour-audiophile-heaven


Hiby Digital M300 is a $199 USD DAP made by the Hiby Digital Sub brand belonging to the parent brand Hiby, and it is a DAP designed for those who want more of that Android experience on their DAPs, and it is the first player released in years that comes with speakers, designed to be ultraportable, and it comes with the famous Hiby Music app at its core. Today we will take a deep dive into the sound and ergonomics of the M300, and review it, also comparing it to other high-quality DAPs from the entry-level range including Hiby R3 II (179 USD), HIDIZS AP80 PRO X (199 USD), Shanling M1S (229 USD), and HIFI Walker H2 Touch (129 USD).

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