HiBy WH2

World’s first officially LDAC certified TWS Bluetooth earphones


World's First TWS Bluetooth Earbuds with LDAC support

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LDAC support

Adjustable digital crossover

Single dynamic & dual BA versions available

24bit / 96kHz audio support

UAT TWS support

Bluetooth 5.2

HiBy Blue app control

Dual microphone / earpiece for clear calls

True Wireless Bluetooth. True HiFi. And never shall the twain meet? Think again!

Officially LDAC certified for uncompromised music quality!

HiRes Bluetooth codec capable of up to 990kbps transmission bandwidth makes true wireless Bluetooth HiFi a reality.

Supports 24bit / 96kHz audio

The HiBy WH2 supports 24bit / 96kHz audio over Bluetooth, true Wireless with unlimited quality!

Adjustable digital crossover

In-house developed patented adjustable digital crossover. Eliminating phase mismatch allows you to dial in your favorite sound with the swipe of a finger.

Bluetooth 5.2 support

Higher music quality! Faster connections! Longer connection distances!

Seamless operating experience

Earpieces connect automatically when taken out. iOS & Android supported, Siri and Google Assistant supported.

Dual microphone / earpiece

Dual microphones for clear voice calls, lightweight for longterm comfort, suitable for highest music enjoyment whether for workouts or for daily use.

Version 1: Single dynamic driver

The WH2 comes in two driver configurations, single dynamic and dual BA. Choose single dynamic driver coupled with Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm  for a balanced, dynamic sound with great bass texture.

Version 2: Dual BA drivers

BA version has the sweeter highs and unforgettable performance thanks to HiBy’s in-house researched patented adjustable digital crossover for a fully customizable sound.

Sports companion

Featherlight comfort, no microphonics, and secure fit mean these are your ideal companion whether for vigorous exercise or long daily use. Enjoy the best music quality, all the time.

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