HiBy Crystal 6 II Specifications


Model HiBy Crystal 6
Design 6x BA (per side) in ear monitors
Weight 5.4g (per earpiece)
Driver technology Balanced armature
Driver info Co-designed with Sonion: 39AY dual bass BA, 1006 dual mid-high BA, E50DT dual tweeter BA
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 110dB
Channel balance within 2dB
Max input power 50mW
THD < 3%
Impedance 58.5 Ω
Earpiece material High-strength epoxy resin
Faceplate design Multicolour sand-painted
Cable material OCC copper
Cable geometry 4 core * 1102 strands * 0.05mm
Cable length 120cm
Cable interface Universal 0.78mm 2-pin gold plated cable sockets

What’s in the box

HiBy Crystal 6 gen 2 IEMs (2 earpieces) + Stock earphone cable x 1
User manual x1
3 sets x S/M/L sizes of eartips + 3.5mm cable plug, 4.4mm cable plug
Custom IEM carry case by HiBy
Outer packaging