FD1 Comp

Magic Music Box

USB headphone amplifier, for use with computers, smartphones etc.

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"It is safe to say that FD1 has great value, an ergonomic shape, and good sonic quality for the price. It sounds much better over balanced and if you have a 2.5mm cable, or if you have some adapters from 4.4mm to 2.5mm, you'll have more fun with it, and it will be able to drive harder to get to IEMs and even headphones. The battery consumption is not very high either and it has a warmer, fuller sound that works well for most music styles."

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Drive the Heaphones to Their Full Potential
With SE and balanced headphone outputs, use this with all your headphones!

Magic Music Box

Supports Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, etc.
Supports smartphones, computers, tablets, digital audio players, etc. 

The official match

Best compatibility with HiByMusic Exclusive HQ USB Audio Access mode.

HiFi solution for smartphones

The HiByMusic app is an Android / iOS cross-platform HiFi music player, with over 2 million users worldwide. Its Exclusive HQ USB Audio Access mode in combination with external USB DACs is the preferred way of listening to music for 10s of thousands of mobile audiophiles.

Dual ES9118 audio chip

A powerful chip doubled—for double the decoding and driving power

Dual crystal oscillators

Two active crystal oscillators with low phase noise, separately responsible for system clocks for 44.1x and 48x clocked audio signals, lowering jitter, improving the accuracy of digital audio.

SE and balanced supported

3.5mm SE + 2.5mm balanced output.
A variety of output choices for a variety of headphones.

Hi-Fi experience plus the convenience

All music format support
Native DSD128 decoding
Can act is computer USB sound card
No charging required; driverless plug-and-play 

Hardware USB mode switch

Switching between USB Audio 1.0 and 2.0 standards

On android devices it is recommended to use USB Audio 2.0 and use with HiByMusic app;
iOS supports device directly, USB Audio 2.0 recommended (Camera Connection Kit cable required)
USB 1.0 for driverless plug and play on Windows 7/8/10, DSD not supported;
USB 2.0 for driverless plug and play on Windows 10 (build 1703 and later), extra driver installation required for DSD support.

Physical buttons

The indicator light light comes up in different colours according to the currently playing music format / sample rate.

Blue: Playing at PCM 32kHz-48kHz
Green: Playing at PCM 88.2kHz-192kHz
White: Playing at DSD
Off: connected, not playing