The HIBY Yvain Universal IEM


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Name: HiBy Yvain

Pros2 Sonion 2389D BAs for rich exotically forward mids
1 Knowles high power CI-30120 BA for round, textured and itemized bass
1 super tweeter Knowles WBFK33518 BA for authentic treble
Hyper semi-custom shell design puts most form factors to shame, as far as fit
CNC faceplate matched with 3D printed resin shell
Included permanent locking 3 in 1 cable
Included Hiby Case
Included Hiby ear-tip collection

The HiBy Company:
So in case you don’t know HiBy makes a bunch of stuff. Currently they offer 9 different DAPs, 8 IEMs, 8 portable amplifiers, 5 cables and 14 different cases, amongst other things. HiBy is best known around these parts for their DAPs. HiBy got their start in 2011, the HiBy Music (software) has 2 million users around the globe. There is even a program called HiBy link developed by HiBy, that takes the music on your cell phone and shows it on the Hiby DAPs allowing replay at better than BT quality. Using all their experience they are offering a new midrange IEM to the market.

HiBy Yvain Universal IEM Review - Rich Mids, Textured Bass 1

The HiBy Yvain Universal IEM
Redcarmoose Labs October 24th, 2023

We don’t need to go into the actual Yvain name too much, except realize it comes from a French Poem written somewhere between 1178 and 1181.

Yvain ou le Chevalier au Lion
Though truly our Yvain here does not show many wild Lion traits? Though the idea of a lion as a symbol for an IEM is very cool. The etched lion relief emblazoned across the faceplate is unique in my experience. I think of lions as a force of nature and unpredictable, where the Yvain is nothing of the sort. Domesticated, careful and polite............would be my take on the Yvain sound. Though it is big sounding, and despite what you may guess, it has a full and satisfying bass? The best part of the Yvain though is the midrange……just even, complete and correct.

Yvain description:
“As one of the first Arthurian tales, Yvain is widely admired for its colorful action, drama, and wit; its structure and pacing anticipate the romantic literature that followed. Though less well known than De Troyes’s stories about Lancelot and Percival, Yvain stands as an archetype of the knights-in-armor stories still popular today.”

Right up-front we will try to use direct side-by-sides to obtain both a quantification of sound value and describe the HiBy Yvain’s style of sound. Though keep in mind side-by-sides will have the most value to the reader if the IEMs you're using in your test are commonly used and understood. Meaning no-one will understand if you compare the Yvain to some expensive and rarely used IEM from the long past. There is little reference found, except of course our own sonic history in IEM usage always has underpinnings relating to prior IEM use.