Technical challenges and rise of HiBy

From zero to one, a transformation is never easy. Thanks to our technicians, as the first product of HiBy, R6 has been caught in the spotlight right from the beginning. To offer the ultimate music experience to our supporters, we chose Qualcomm's Snapdragon as the operating platform, a great challenge to us.
Technical challenges and rise of HiBy
The difficulties of using Snapdragon is that we need to deal with Android's Sample Rate Conversion for better sound quality. After nine months of dedication, and Qualcomm gave the assistance, R6 can bypass the SRC, enabling third-party App to output high-sampling native DSD to realize the Bit perfect directly.
 Secondly, we have boldly adopted stainless steel for R6, giving it a sleek body with a curved design. For this purpose, we have specially customized special tools with the circular arc of 8 different degrees; this process alone has taken us more than ten months. 
After the basic audio indicators were debugged, we’ve launched several product showcases to collect comments from the HiFi experts. We’ve been striving for excellence and trying our best to make a perfect player. We know R6 may not be perfect, but it embodies the hard work of HiBy's team.

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