HiBy R3 3.0: New Era

Bella Cowise
Powerful music player HiBy R3
HiBy R3 is a powerful music player featuring music transfer via Wi-Fi, DLNA, AirPlay and MSEB (Mage Sound 8-Ball Tuning), a combination of multiple algorithms based on parametric equalizer (PEQ) and sound field adjustment to create the most satisfying sound quality for you.
With the newly released firmware 3.0, some new features are added into the compact R3:



Access Qobuz online music library on R3

HiBy R3 introduces one new streaming media - Qobuz. You can access Qobuz online music library by updating 3.0 firmware on your R3!


Tidal Masters Support

HiBy R3 can be connected to the TIDAL App online music library via Wi-Fi. What's more, new support for Tidal Masters is fulfilled on 3.0 version! Enjoy Tidal steaming MQA now!



Can read while listening to music on R3

You can read while listening to music on HiBy R3.

Grab HiBy R3 with 3.0 firmware to enjoy your music journey to the utmost now!

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