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The Hiby Zeta review is here. It is a tribrid and Hiby’s newest flagship IEM. Hiby is popular due to its Hiby Music Player App and its Digital Audio Players. Hiby has been upping their game with their IEM releases recently. The Lasya, Crystal II, and now their best effort yet, The Zeta. Hiby sent this as a part of the Zeta / FC6 tour. The Zeta is priced at $1399. You can check them out from their official Hiby site.

Source: Astell and Kern Kann Cube and Sony NW-Wm1am2

Files: DSD, 24bit, and 16bit Flac files.

Drivers: 4 Electrostatic Drivers, 4 BAs (Balanced Armatures), and 1 Dynamic Driver per side with a 5-way crossover
Impedance: 9 Ohms
Sensitivity: 112 dB

Hiby Zeta Unboxing experience

The Hiby Zeta review unit that I got came with a stylish black box, nothing too fancy. Priced at $1399, Hiby should have come up with a better unboxing experience. The box is neatly designed with golden accents and a lot of listed information about the product.

Hiby Zeta Build Quality

The Zeta is made of CNC-machined titanium. As Hiby claims it is abrasion-resistant and I believe them. It looks premium and screams excellent build quality. The design also looks good with a carved HIBY logo and some silver accents on the faceplate. It looks like a piece of decent jewelry on hand. The cable is an 8-core litz with a 2-pin and 4.4 termination. The purplish color of the cable does not complement the titanium finish of the Zeta that well but it is well-built, well braided, yet with good terminations. I would have preferred a modular plug with the Zeta as their model the Crystal II had a modular plug which you could interchange between 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs.

Hiby Zeta Earpieces

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