HiBy Zeta review——iegems


HiBy Zeta - Engaging Kilobuck

HiBy is well known for its music app and a lot of digital audio players (DAP) with similar names (Am I the only confused about the R6, New R6, R6 Gen II, R6 Gen III, R6 Pro, R6 Pro 2?) What I didn’t know is that they also make IEMs. Are they good? Today, we look at HiBy’s state-of-the-art flagship IEM, the Zeta.


  • My review aims to tell you where an IEM is within a consistent and simple scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (outstanding). Scores are assigned by A/B tests against benchmark IEMs, regardless of the retail price.
  • What I look for in an IEM is immersion. I want to feel the orchestra around me and hear all the details, not for the sake of having details but for realism. IEMs achieving such presentations have a higher rating.
  • Ranking list and measurement database are on my IEM review blog.
  • This review is based on a loaned unit from HiBy (Thank you @Joe Bloggs!). I have no affiliation with or financial interest in HiBy. The unit retails for USD$1399 at the time this review was published. You can find out more info and get yourself a unit from the HiBy store.



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