HiBy Zeta Review —— AUDIONOTIONS


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PRICE: $1400 (PHP. 72,000.00)



  • One of the most fun sounding TOTL
  • Powerful, tactile and punchy bass
  • Superb, confident build quality
  • Generous amount of inclusions
  • Relatively easy to drive
  • Great seal
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great coherency between the drivers



  • Potentially too much midbass 
  • Mids aren’t the most engaging or nuanced
  • Lacking sparkle and air (treblehead nitpick)
  • Not the most technical or most detailed for the price
  • Cable might be too hefty
  • Air pressure/suction effect is near unbearable 
  • Not the cleanest sound
  • Non-modular cable (nitpick)
  • Not the best value



  • BASSHEADS who like tactile, thumpy and engaging bass
  • People who want a fun-sounding but technically capable IEM
  • People who like a confident, solid and high quality build
  • People who are looking for a good multidriver implementation



  • People who hate bass
  • People who want a neutral, “reference-like” tuning
  • People who want the best techs for the price
  • People who want a crisp, clear, and open midrange



  • Rock (emphasis on guitars with heavy distortion)
  • R&B
  • Funk
  • Disco

Short Review

“The Hiby Zeta provides some of the most tactile, fun, and energetic bass presentation complimented with a generally uncompromised midrange and an elevated and non-fatiguing treble for its price. Techs are surprisingly impressive for its tuning but suffer in certain aspects because of it. However, it definitely leaves a lot more to be desired for the price with its offerings and technical ability as well as the fact that it fills a niche in a steep price point. A one trick, bass pony if you will. RECOMMENDED WITH CAVEATS”



TOTL or Top of the Line products in any hobby always cater to the most dedicated (or richest) and often depict the pinnacle of what you can get for your money. While not always true, there are some stigmas built up for such products of magnitude. One of these stigmas is a rather safe tuning that aims to reproduce music in the most neutral or reference manner. But today, we’ll be taking a look at a TOTL IEM from a brand known for their music players that defy the usual conventions for tuning and whether they succeeded in creating something different but appropriate for its price. 

DISCLAIMER: This unit was provided by Hiby as a part of their spring tour managed by Joe Bloggs (Joseph Yeung). I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. However, I am not affiliated, paid, or compensated in any way to review this product. All my thoughts and opinions about the products are unbiased by the facts previously mentioned. 

Audio is a very subjective hobby and as much as I try to objectively explain my thoughts and opinions, your mileage will vary. My preferences will also affect how I perceive the gear that I review. Sources and other accessories will also modify your experience. Lastly, my reviews should always be used only as a guide and not as the definitive bible. Trust your ears to know what’s good.


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