HiBy Digital M300 Review-headfonics


In this feature, we review the HiBy Digital M300, which is a new all-purpose affordable Android 13 media player capable of up to DSD256 and PCM 768kHz playback. It is priced at $199 SRP.

HiBy Digital is a new sub-brand of the parent company, HiBy. Its purpose is to pitch more affordable general audio and media products for audiophiles and enthusiasts alike.

The M300 DAP or media player is the first major offering and comes loaded with Android 13 providing a snappy operation out of the box.

The M300 is positioned differently from the R3 series of DAPs. This is a broader media player as opposed to pure audio. It comes loaded with a larger 4” touchscreen which is one big hint. The two sound markedly different, providing HiBy with two affordable options for differing needs.

The selling price at $199 puts it squarely in the affordable DAP range, for those searching for a pocketable device, or possibly their first. 

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