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HiBy MC1

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The creative tool for the video era! Vlog recording, interview recording, etc. Fully compatible with a large range of AV equipment including cameras, smartphones, sound cards, computers, mixers, etc.
AI noise reductionYes
Real-time monitoringYes
Transmission distance40m
Use time10 hours
Weight26g each
Compatible withCameras, smartphones, sound cards, computers, mixers, etc.

The creative tool for the video era

Vlog recording, interview recording etc.

Put good sound into your videos

  • TX transmitter
  • Fit on for high fidelity reception
  • RX receiver
  • Receiver to connect to smartphone or camera

True 2.4GHz wireless microphone

2.4GHz digital audio transmission, real time, more accurate, stable, free of band interference.

Professional condenser microphone

  • High sensitivity professional condenser microphone.

AI noise reduction

Built-in DSP noise reduction chip. Say no to noise with voice recording like you are there.

It’s a tiny device

  • Tiny with baby-skin texture, comfortable to wear. Only 26g each!

Auto pairing, turn on and play

3 seconds to pair with each other after turning on. Stable connection with no dropouts.

Unlimited distance

  • 40 metres reception distance with clear voice throughout. Stable strong signal that can penetrate walls.

Long run time

Includes chargeable Li-ion batteryType-C charging port 10 hours use time / 2 hours charge time

Real-time monitoring

  • Monitor output headphone jack on receiver unit, allows real time monitoring, for adjustment of recording unit for the best detail.

Compatible with large range of devices

Fully compatible with large range of AV equipment. Cameras, smartphones, sound cards, computers, mixers. Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

TX transmitter & RX receiver

  • Easy to use buttons and straightforward indicators.

iPhone connection

For iPhone with lightning connector

Android phone connection

  • For Android phone with Type C connector

Camera connection

For camera with 3.5mm mic input

What's in the box

① Storage case
② MC1 receiver
③ MC1 transmitter
④ Windshield of MC1 transmitter
⑤ USB charging cable
⑥ 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect*2
⑦ User manual

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