HiBy RS8 DAP Review - Soundnews


Design & Build Quality

I appreciate that Hiby is sticking with a time-tested design that can be found on all their latest DAPs, but what I like the most about RS8, is that you’ll find buttons only on its right side. After touching and playing with it for several months, I fell in love with its minimalist layout, never missing a button when going outside for a walk. I have bigger hands, so finding and pressing blindly the next or the previous buttons felt easier to say a FiiO M17 or M15S. RS8 looks a little different from other DAPs that passed through my hands, adding a coolness factor to it. At 584 grams, RS8 is currently the heaviest DAP HiBy is making, being more than two times heavier than their R6 PRO MKII, it’s by 270 grams heavier than its smaller brother RS6 and it’s even heavier than the R8 MKII which was just revealed.

When it comes to HiFi, I like the heavy stuff, even if we’re talking about portable devices as I know that the internal space was populated with high-quality components. FiiO’s M17, xDuoo XD05 PRO, and Enleum HPA-23RM are bigger and heavier and when I’m adding the RS8 near those giants, it doesn’t feel as heavy anymore.  Although 584 grams will be felt in a pocket, especially on a sunny day, I like that it’s not a very large unit. I could barely squeeze those units in my pocket, but RS8 goes in and out without a hitch.

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