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Dual CS43198 Let You Hear It Like It Is 

Large touchscreen, it looks as good as it 

Incredible Design with High Quality 

A sleek and easy-to-grab design demonstrates the world-class craftsmanship with a 4.0″ touchscreen. 

Dual Cirrus Logic's CS43198

Cirrus Logic audio products with the MasterHIFI™ and SmartHIFI™ designation meet the company’s highest standard in high-fidelity audio playback. MasterHIFI and SmartHIFI products deliver the very best performance in sound clarity and pure, euphoric audio listening just like the artist intended.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 425

Rock-stable firmware and OS with lightning-fast CPU. With our long experience with this platform, the R5 has been further optimized to be the snappiest responding player in its class and beyond.

Support Both Headphone & Line Out Functions

Single-ended, balanced, line-out, we have it all on the R5! Both 3.5mm and 4.4mm ports support both headphone and line out functions. Thanks to battery space and efficiency optimizations, this palm-sized powerhouse outputs balanced power up to 1040mW+1040mW@16Ω and 564mW+564mW@32Ω, yet manages to last up to 11 hours balanced / 18 hours SE. What a miraculous pocket rocket!

The Best Hi-Res Music Experience Ever Experienced

MSEB Tuning, puts the power of a professional tuning board at your fingertips in easy-to-understand language

 Fully Open Android 8.1 OS

Allows installation of any app, music or otherwise. Thanks to the latest Android 8.1 update, its intelligent audio system can better offer a smoother and comfortable HiFi music experience.

Exclusive Technology

Exclusive Technology

DTA Architecture, Android sample rate conversion bypass. Its DTA Android global lossless output technology ensures that sound output and reception can no longer be interfered with.

Dual Crystal Oscillators

High-accuracy, low-phase-noise crystal oscillators dedicated to 45.1584and 49.152MHz, for flawless low-jitter performance for music at any sample rate.

UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission)

UAT - The Ultimate In Bluetooth HiFi

The ultimate In Bluetooth HiFi is an all-new Bluetooth audio codec developed in-house at HiBy. Supporting an industry-highest sample rate of 192kHz. At an industry-highest data bandwidth of 1.2Mbps, it can even adapt and optimize itself to different music genres. 

Two-way Bluetooth

HiBy R5 supports two-way Bluetooth, which can be used as a Bluetooth transmitter or as a Bluetooth receiver, greatly enriching the HiFi player's gameplay. Support for two-way LDAC, allowing the quality of wireless Bluetooth reaches a higher level. 

Power That Lasts

Power That Lasts

HiBy R5 comes with a 3500mAh battery that provides 11 hours runtime on 4.4mm balanced and 18 hours runtime on 3.5mm single-ended of music playing.


Make/Model      HiBy R5
Operating System      Android 8.1
SoCSnapdragon 425
No. of CPU Cores4
CPU Max Frequency1.4GHz
DACCS43198 x 2
Input MethodTouchscreen
WIFI5GHz/2.4GHz, supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n protocols
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
USBTypeC (USB2.0 data rate)
Display Size4.0 inches
Colors16 million colors
Internal Storage16GB
External StorageUp tp 512GB + via 1 micro SD card
Buttons6 physical buttons
Buttons DefinitionsPower/Previous/Pause/Next/Volume Up/Volume Down
Headphone Out3.5mm
Balanced Headphone Out4.4mm
Line Out3.5mm LO
Balanced Out4.4mm LO
Digital OutSPDIF (USB out)
Headphone Impedance Range16~300Ω
EQ Adjustments10 bands (±12dB)
Channel BalanceL 10dB to R 10dB
Gain LevelLow / High
Power Supply9V/1.5A
Charge Time2H
Charge ProtocolQC3.0
Firmware UpdateOver-the-air update
Text SizeAjustable
3rd Party AppsUnrestricted access via Google Play and apk download